Valentine’s Day is around the corner and so is the excitement that comes with it. Traditionally, the men generally make the arrangements and spoil the women in their lives. However, as it’s supposed to be ‘the day of love’, the men should get a little spoiling too. Here are some great gifts to get your man for Valentine’s Day, guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

1. A massage session

Your man works hard and a massage is a great way for to help him relax. There are a lot of spas around that offer packages specially made for men. Some of the packages include a facial, manicure and/or a pedicure. Go ahead and check them out and book your man an appointment. He’ll thank for it.

2. A personalized gift

Get your man a mug, key chain, pillow case, pretty much anything, with a personalized message on it. Most gift shops have a service for this for an extra fee on top of buying the item. The effort you put in will definitely impress your man.

3. Homemade gift

You’re broke or you really want to make something really special for your man yourself. Either way, a homemade card and a DIY crafty gift is a winner. Whether it’s a pot you made or a sweater you knit yourself, homemade gifts are always a treasure.

4. Gift basket

A gift basket is great because its contents are based on your budget. Put together some of his favourite stuff. Whether it’s a bottle of scotch, body wash or his favourite cologne, the basket will be a hit. Don’t forget to add his favourite sweets for him. Jazz it up a little and go for muffins or brownies instead of just the usual chocolates.

5. Comfy gift

Get your man a nice bathrobe, fluffy slippers or pajamas. It’s a gift that he’ll use pretty much every day. A definite win to have your man associate comfort and relaxation with you.

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