Kalekye Mumo 2

There was a lot of chatter on twitter a few months back when Kalekye decided to venture into the music industry. From those who were critiquing her to those who were supporting her. But despite all this all that matters is that she produces quality music.

First of all the video is of good quality. Directed by the celebrated and sought after J Blessing there was a certain level of expectation to it. Somebody in the office commented that it reminded them of the Sunlight advert. Whether this is a good or bad thing I don’t know but the setting does not help. There is a story being told but I feel the setting of the video removed some authenticity to it. I believe it was supposed to depict a rural setting but it lacked something for me to that effect.

The dancing is not bad though. At least it keeps up with the fast paced nature of the song. Nothing much I can add to that.

In conclusion, it may not be the best video in terms of story line and concept but it has the quality and the track isn’t bad too. You can watch the video and tell me what you think below