The Lounge Unplugged with Vivian Green: Event Review


Trying to describe the energy and feel in the tent at the KFeet center where the Vivian Green concert was held is like trying to describe the taste of water after drinking wine. The stage and the venue were well set up and the fact that it is tucked somewhere in the middle of a forest gave the event an indescribable oomph.

Vivian Green © Kevin Mbuthia


The first act was Fena who did justice to the ticket pricing. Her performance was so good and energizing with a flare of originality flowing through the speakers as she belted out tune after tune of her awesome tracks backed by her band. She is the next voice to watch out for in the local music scene.

When Neema stepped on stage I had my energy level dangling over the roof as adrenaline had kicked in. Neema’s voice is powerfully crafted and the control she has over it is astonishing. She went ahead and performed some of her songs from her just released album “Dawn”.

Fena © Kevin Mbuthia

As Vivian walked into the tent waving frantically to the crowed, everyone got to their feet, the stage was well set and lit, ready for the diva to take it over. And at the sound of “Emotional rollercoaster” the ladies in the house forgot themselves as the Barley that was given to them at the entry set in and orchestrating a sing along.

The best part of her performance was when she got off the stage while singing the hit “Gotta go, Gotta leave” which is about leaving a relationship that is not working and moving on to make meaning of your life. She walked into the audience and selected some at random to ‘rival’ her in singing the chorus. Out of the 7 ladies who got the chance 6 could sing really well. I was pleased.

Her last performance was the song ‘Beautiful’ off her latest album Titled the same backed up by Neema and her background vocalists. She brought it out to the audience in a soothing yet crisp voice and true to her neo soul blood she performed with passion, an exceptional job for the evening.

As all the performances of the night came to an end I felt the urges to press the rewind button and do it all over again. I hope the next invention is a life remote. That was a night to remember.

I wish to thank Virgin Atlantic for hosting us at the event & Capital FM for putting it together.

Check out more pictures of the event here


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