Huawei has partnered with the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG) to host a media training for editors and journalists. The Huawei Cloud team and Digital Solar team will provide training on how to use digital platforms such as Huawei Cloud to transform the media industry.

For media and entertainment companies, digital transformation is an opportunity to reconsider the existing business model and its underlying business processes. Digital transformation for the media industry will enable intergradation of digital technology into most if not all media operations in the media sector.

A key component of this transformation is the cloud. This involves tools like data analytics for audience insights, block chain for secure transactions, and emerging technologies for innovative content delivery.

In Kenya and many other counties across the world, the media plays a key role in keeping the public informed on the development of the ICT sector, the activities of public and private organizations, challenges, trends and solutions. This plays an important role not only to inform viewers and readers, but also to help them make use of ICT in their personal and professional lives.

Huawei has reiterated its committed to continue working towards greater developments in the industry. These developments are expected to contribute in the growth of Kenya’s digital economy and provide an opportunity for people development.

As part of its community programs, Huawei has over the course of time continued to share knowledge and building capacity amongst Kenyans. This is in a bid to contribute to the growth of the digital economy and take advantage of the opportunities it brings to them for personal development.