Tanqueray Gin recently partnered with the Sankara Hotel in Westlands in a culinary celebration of flavours and aromas for the Magical Sunday Brunch. Renowned for its lightness and mixability, Tanqueray sets the stage for a symphony of flavors, perfectly complementing the diverse array of dishes on offer.

Guests at the event were treated to delicious Tanqueray welcome cocktails to set the tone for the culinary adventure that awaited them. From delectable confectionery to savoury sushi, guests were indulged in a culinary journey unlike any other. This was paired with the immaculate ambience and great music at Sankara.

With Kenya’s vibrant culinary scene transforming, customers have been beckoning for an elevated experience to satisfy their taste buds. Every first Sunday of the month, individuals with a discerning palate and an adventurous spirit embark on an engaging journey of taste at the Hotel. For them, this is not just for a meal, but a magical experience tailored to meet their need for luxury.

The Magical Sunday Brunch offers more than just a feast for the senses. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures and backgrounds with a gathering of Kenya’s elite, families seeking quality time, and expatriates craving a taste of home. At the Sunday Brunch, conversations flow as freely as the cocktails and unforgettable memories are created beyond the last bite.

The Sankara Autograph offers an experience that changes the game in the culinary scene calling for individuals to embrace the extraordinary culinary experience. Brunch is certainly better and we cannot wait for the next taste of magic, held every first Sunday of the month.