Kenyan musician Phy is back on the music scene with her latest musical creation, a 3-track EP titled Tatu. The EP, which is be available on all digital platforms,  marks her first body-of-work release since her return from a four-year hiatus.

Phy, also known as Phyllis Mwihaki Ng’etich, is well known for winning the musical competition Maisha superstar. She released her debut album Phylosophy in 2015, which had hits such as Taboo and Ruka.

For the EP, she adopts the persona of a doctor, Dr. Phy, who through her TheraPhy platform offers a unique therapeutic experience through music, allowing listeners to confront and process their daily experiences.

Mama na Baba – In this upbeat amapiano track, Phy offers a touching glimpse into the world of parenting, embracing both its highs and lows. She paints a picture of the everyday chaos and love that comes with raising children.

Niko Majuu – This song delves into the nostalgia felt by Africans living in the diaspora who have left home in pursuit of a better life. It validates the nostalgia, homesickness, and culture shock felt by people who’ve left home to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Nyamaza – In this song, Phy addresses the pressing issue of cyberbullying. The song reminds us to examine our intentions towards others and ourselves in the era of social media. It encourages empathy, compassion, grace, and the recognition that we are more alike than different.