AA Kenya has announced a partnership with Insurance service providers to offer their members an enhanced array of Membership propositions.

With a strong commitment to support the motorists across the nation, AA Kenya collaborating with the Insurance Companies will provide motorists elevated road experience, and valuable perks that cater to the diverse needs. All motorists can take up the membership when renewing their premiums.

The partnership is aimed at onboarding more than 20 million Kenyans into AA Kenya Membership through various categories that offer key benefits such as free road safety training, roadside assistance, discounts from  partners and towing of upto 10 KM for Signature Membership.

In addition to these benefits, AA Kenya has partnered with AMREF to offer air and ground ambulance evacuation for their members emergency needs at discounted rates.  Total Kenya will also offer Exclusive discount of KES2 per litre on fuel, discounts of upto 25% on spare parts and vehicle servicing from select partners.

AA Kenya CEO Mr. Francis Theuri noted that, “AA Kenya believes that informed individuals are safer road users. It is for this reason that education, community engagement, and advocacy continue to play pivotal roles in AA Kenya’s road safety initiatives. As we move forward, our commitment remains unwavering: to empower our members and the wider community with the knowledge that saves lives on our roads.”

Besides the Signature Membership which will be charged KES 3,000 per vehicle per year, AA Kenya has also introduced Champion membership for non-vehicle owners who will be charged KES 200 per year.

For the Champion Membership, the training will seek to address and focus on how to navigate roads safely, emphasizing the importance of using designated crosswalks and obeying traffic signals, Emergency Response and First Aid and Environmental Impact which aims to promote eco-friendly driving practices to reduce the environmental impact of road transportation.

The program seeks to substantially decrease the occurrence of road accidents and cultivate a culture of responsible road behaviour among a demographic spanning 2 to 70 years, encompassing up to 20 million Kenyan citizens.