The current economic situation that we find ourselves in as a country has meant that the prices of basic commodities keep going up every other day. This resulted in a situation where disposable income has reduced due to the fact that incomes have also stagnated. This is why when I came to learn of the Absa Bank Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole product offering, I was quite elated.

This product allows you to make a purchase now and pay back over a period of up to 12 months at extremely low interest rates. This product is a life saver because, courtesy of the economic downturn, we can no longer rely on the fact that our friends and family will be able to come through for us at our time of need.

That is why it is important to have a backup financing option just in case you need it. Consider this, you urgently need to travel for an important business meeting, however, you don’t have the funds at hand. You call up a couple of friends and they all tell you that they are in a similar situation. It is also over the weekend so you can’t call up your bank for an emergency loan which might also take some time to come through.

In such an instance the Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole product can come in handy because it can help you pay for the flight tickets as well as accommodation. With the repayments spread out over 3-12 months at an interest rate of about 2.5% to ensure that you are not strained financially.

Here are some five reasons why you should get the Absa Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole product.


What I liked the most about this product is the fact that one can be able to choose the repayment period that is best suited for your financial circumstances. For instance, if you are foreseeing that you will get a lumpsum payment some time soon, you can choose a short repayment period of say three months. You can also choose the longer period of 12 months if you want to make the payment as less strenuous as possible.


The Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole product enables you to effectively budget for and plan your payments. This is because the product allows you to make significant payments say school fees, medical bills and thereafter spread out the payment. The predictability of the payments makes it easier for one to budget for them.

Maximizing Opportunities

At times, we stumble upon some awesome but limited offers on items that we have been longing to purchase. The only limiting factor being our disposable income. With the new product, you don’t have to worry about this because you can be able to purchase say a dining table or pay for a holiday at a discount and pay back the money at your own pace.

Credit Rating

In the Kenyan market, we are slowly moving towards risk-based borrowing. As such having a good credit rating will potentially see you getting more loans at good rates should the need arise. By consistently making timely payments while using this product, you can demonstrate financial responsibility. Which makes it an easy way of building a positive credit rating.

Low Interest Rates

The Buy Now Lipa Later product charges low interest rates of up to 2.67 per cent per month over a period of 12 months. This is way cheaper than most mobile loans which charge between 10-15 per monthly. With the repayment period being capped at one month. This makes this product a very attractive option for those times when we need to make a purchase ASAP.