Isuzu East Africa has announced that it has launch a modern paint plant to boost local vehicle production capacity. The plant was launched by Kenya’s President William Ruto.

The new Electro Deposition Paint Plant is aimed at increasing the assembly capacity for the local automotive industry. The Paint Plant has increased Isuzu’s production capacity by more than 60% from 11,000 vehicles to 18,000 vehicles per year.

According to Isuzu East Africa’s Managing Director, Rita Kavashe the unveiling of the Electro-Deposition Paint technology is the first in Sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa. “Electro-Deposition is a method of painting that uses electric current to ensure that paint reaches all surfaces of a vehicle giving it an ultra-smooth finish. With the launch of the ED Plant our production capacity today moves from 11,000 units to 18,000 units per year. The Isuzu Electro-Deposition Paint Plant will also be available to other auto manufacturers including motorcycle and three-wheeler assemblers,” she explained.

Over the last five years, Isuzu EA has invested Ksh. 3 billion in its facility upgrades. They consist of a Dynamic Test Center, Water Leak Test Booth, a new pickup assembly line including the Electro-Deposition Paint Plant launched. These investments are geared to prepare Isuzu EA to play a significant role in the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Isuzu East Africa a leading motor vehicle assembler in East Africa, selling a wide range of Isuzu vehicles. The has sold over 150,000 units since the first Isuzu vehicle rolled out of its Nairobi assembly plant in 1977. With over 15 models in its line-up, the Isuzu brand has dominated the new vehicle segment for eleven years in a row since 2012, achieving a market share of 51.8% by end of 2022.