The selection of movies presented on Netflix becomes more and more diverse every year. In addition to US films, you can easily find a range of Spanish, French, Turkish, and African movies. On this page, you will discover some of the best-rated African films currently available on the streaming platform. 

The movie productions described here are of different genres, so anyone can find something suitable for them. They are as captivating as the Betting Sign Up Offers 2023 you can come across online. The following paragraphs contain relevant information about three films that every movie buff should watch at least once in their lifetime. 


Seffi Atta is one of the most influential Nigerian writers. One of her books called Swallow is considered an absolute masterpiece, and it is far from surprising that there is a film adaptation of the same name. The film follows the lives of two friends who are also roommates and colleagues – Tolani and Rose. 

Rose’s boss is a horrible man who harasses her at work. When Rose defies him, she is replaced by Tolani.
Unfortunately, the same thing happens to Rose’s friend. Eventually, Tolani is suspended from work, and that is when she and Rose’s lives take a different turn. Rose meets a man who deals drugs, and her life becomes an absolute mess that only she can get herself out of. Will she manage to get back on her feet, or will her life only get more miserable? Watch this brilliant movie to find out.

I Am All Girls

If you are a fan of thrillers and mystery movies, I Am All Girls is the perfect match for you. Released in 2021, the South African film directed by Donovan Marsh has gained a lot of popularity in just a couple of months. Not only is it incredibly compelling, but it is also based on true events. As the product owner – Tony Sloterman once said: “Movies based on true events are twice as good as movies that are not.”

I Am All Girls follows the lives of Jodie Snyman and Ntombizonke Bapai. The two fellow detectives race to catch a serial killer on the loose. According to available information, the mystery thriller was one of the top ten films on Netflix shortly after its release. 

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The last on this list is the movie called The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. It is based on the memoirs of William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. In the film, viewers meet William Kamkwamba – a young boy who has an extraordinary talent for fixing radios. For this reason, he spends most of his time scavenging the junkyard. The boy is soon expelled from school because his parents are not able to afford to pay the school fees, but William somehow manages to blackmail his science teacher.

A short time later, William’s village is devastated due to certain circumstances, and the boy decides to build a windmill. This movie shows that anything is possible if you are determined and motivated enough. It shows the audience that nothing is impossible if you believe in it. It is far from surprising that The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind was one of the most streamed films in numerous countries in 2019.