For a majority of people, exam time has always been a source of apprehension not because one had not prepared adequately but just a fear of the unexpected. Back in high school, this period saw some of the students join the Christian Union as a form of insurance to ensure that they passed their exams with flying colors.

I have to say that it was always a funny sight to see when these guys were pretending to be holier than thou singing their lungs off during service when just a few weeks before they were anything other than holy. These are some of the memories which make me chuckle every time I think about my high school days.

Part of what makes people get apprehensive about exams is the perception of finality around it where in the event that you don’t do your best, then your life is over. However, that is very far from the truth because experience has it that one can still be able to excel later on in life despite not having gotten the highest grades attainable in say primary or secondary.

At times, one finds themselves in careers that they least expected to find themselves in. In my case, I happened to be very good in English and often was among the best composition writers in both high school and primary school. At that time, I didn’t make much of it because never in my wildest dreams did, I envision a career in media. But as luck would have it, I am now making money from something which I was doing as a hobby.

Truth be told, life comes with many surprises and as such as a pupil/student one should not get too hang up on the grades that they get in their exams. That does not mean that one should not put in the effort to excel but simply put, your grades do not define you as a person. As such, regardless of the outcome of the exams that you are currently sitting you are still a winner and can achieve the best in life.

As the candidates embark on their next chapter in life, would like to join Safaricom in wishing them all the best and to let them know that life is just beginning. Also, that they can be able to do anything that they put their minds on, all that is needed is a positive mindset and determination and everything else will fall into place.


The sky is the limit, and a bright future awaits you.