LinkedIn has announced an increase in membership fees and rates on the back of implementation of the 16 percent value-added tax (VAT) on digital transactions.

Kenya introduced a 16 percent VAT on digital transactions for foreign companies through the Finance Act of 2019 but gave firms a grace period of six months to comply.

LinkedIn offers four packages  career, business, sales navigator core, and recruiter lite whose rates range from Sh3,200 to Sh10,719 per account.

Subscription fees for recruiter lite the most expensive account rose to Sh10,719 from Sh9,241 followed by the sales navigator account at Sh8,759 from Sh7,551. The fees for a premium business account increased to Sh5,149 from Sh4,439 and the career account rose to Sh3,219 from Sh2,775.

The platform is popular with corporates that use it as a key online platform to advertise job openings while recruitment agencies use it to seek potential employers.

Job seekers tap information that helps increase their skills and new ideas as well as getting hired through job openings. While many features are free, the professional social networking website offers an array of additional tools  at a price.