Mdundo, a Pan-African music streaming service, has announced a 22% growth in its user base in the last quarter of 2021. The platform recorded 20 million users at the end of Q4, 2021, up from 16.3 Million, in Q3 the same year. The growth has been attributed to strong demand for an easy-to-use music service coupled with aggressive expansion into new territories in Africa.

The company also attributes sustained growth to strong partnerships with telecommunications firms and leading consumer brands such as MTN Nigeria, Vodacom Tanzania, Guinness, Standard Chartered Bank and Safaricom. These brands have seen the service increase its audience in the mass, mid-income market especially among the 18-24 age bracket. The most notable growth was recorded in Tanzania, Nigeria and Kenya powered by rising popularity of the platform especially among the 18-24 age bracket.

“We have noted increased demand for music served online mainly among the youthful consumer segment, an audience that is actively looking for new products and solutions to support their lifestyle. In 2022, we forecast sustained growth as we innovate not only around acquiring new users, but also offering an effective platform for our advertising partners. In the prevailing environment, this means lowering the cost per reach and using targeted consumer campaigns to grow the reach of our partner brands on the continent,” said Rachel Karanu, Head of Brand Partnerships at Mdundo.

The total Q4 unique users in the three markets now stand at 12.1 Million. Tanzania is at 3.7 million, Kenya at 4 million and Nigeria at 4.4 million. Other big markets for Mdundo include Uganda with 1.8 million and Ghana with 1.6 million. Mdundo currently boasts over 13.3 million users monthly across the continent.

The platform works with over 100,000 artists from across the continent as well as some of the top recording labels globally. It also champions legal consumption of music and has been instrumental in eradicating illegal music downloads on online platforms. Mdundo also provides leading consumer brands with a unique and culturally relevant brand marketing approach aimed at building loyalty and growing sales. Its major clients include big brands across Africa including, Coca-Cola, Standard Chartered, Safaricom, KCB Bank, Kenya Breweries Limited, Serengeti Breweries Limited, Guinness Nigeria, SportPesa, Betika and Nivea.

According to a 2017 survey by PwC, 38% of Africa’s 300 million smartphone users listen to music on their phone monthly. Growth in online commerce is expected to drive increased consumption of music, movies and other entertainment solutions using smart phones.