WPP Scangroup’s MediaCom has launched SpotLift, a TV attribution tool, to measure the impact of TV advertising in line with outcomes. The launch is in response to a growing need from clients for a better quality of data and insights around TV media buying.

SpotLift works by isolating the usual website traffic to determine the response achieved by each TV spot to allow for optimization. It is currently only applicable to campaigns that have online elements like visiting websites, downloading a mobile application, or making online purchases. It is also capable of tracking unique identifiers within URLs and accessing website analytics.

Explaining the new solution, Peter Maina, a Strategic Account Lead at MediaCom said, “Spot-level attribution enables us to demonstrate TV effectiveness and analyze campaign performance, looking at relative efficiencies in order to identify optimization opportunities. This will in turn aid in deriving actionable insights to help inform planning decisions.”

“The tool seeks to focus on linear tv response attribution, campaign performance analysis, and optimization. We expect media to drive sales, but maybe what stood out for us from the tests we conducted is that we expected a 30% website visits uplift but found out our TV plan actually drove 60%,” further explains Maina.

MediaCom’s Managing Partner, Marion Wanyoike added that the new tool will allow advertisers to quantify the value of advertising spots through continuous optimization of spots. “SpotLift allows quantifying the immediate uplift in online visits generated by spots, therefore, attributing the impact to each spot. This is in line with MediaCom’s mantra of helping clients to achieve more with less wastage,” she said.