The Africa Tech Summit (ATS) London is set to commemorate the eighth edition of its Investment Showcase at the London Stock Exchange on June 7th, 2024. Fifteen tech ventures have been selected will join the ATS Investment Showcase 2024, and will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to leading tech investors.

The 2024 venture cohort will cover a broad range of sectors including fintech, entertainment, blockchain, cleantech, climate tech, energy, agritech, health tech, and telecoms. Three out of the fifteen selected startups are from Kenya. These are e-commerce platform Sky.Garden, broadband company Poa Internet and blockchain technology company Melanin Kapital.

The fifteen ATS London Investment Showcase 2024 selected ventures are listed below.

  • Poa Internet (Kenya) is bridging the digital gap in African communities by providing cost-effective residential broadband.
  • Sky.Garden (Kenya) is a SaaS e-commerce platform for African retailers that allows merchants to start, manage, and grow their businesses.
  • Melanin Kapital Limited (Kenya) is leveraging blockchain technology to help financial institutions and investors verify the legitimacy and credibility of businesses.
  • (South Africa) is accelerating the energy transition in Africa. The company helps businesses generate carbon credits from their renewable energy sources through a digital system.
  • Earthbond (Nigeria) utilizes carbon accounting and climate finance to offer a one-stop solar shop to African businesses.
  • Newform Foods (South Africa) is leveraging a continent-spanning research and development network to help food producers, retailers, and business owners develop and scale cultivated animal products at a lower cost than the industry norm.
  • OkHi (Nigeria) is a digital addressing system that enables businesses to collect and verify an accurate address. OkHi sells AI-powered Address Verification to banks and fintechs in emerging markets to improve compliance, reduce fraud, and increase loan performance.
  • OneHealth (Nigeria) is bridging the gap in healthcare by offering digital infrastructure for payers, providers, and patients to access quality medicines and healthcare solutions.
  • PBR Life Sciences (Nigeria) is leveraging big data and AI to transform healthcare, offering stakeholders easy and fast access to a data-as-a-service dashboard with predictive capabilities for objective decision-making.
  • Plentify (South Africa) is a smart energy company that offers affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. They use advanced hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and user-centric design to create smart home products that strengthen electricity systems.
  • Rana Energy (Nigeria) Is providing sustainable, innovative & customer-centric energy solutions for a greener Africa, replacing the upfront solar system cost burden with affordable subscriptions.
  • So-Cool (Nigeria) is an award-winning innovation, developed to provide clean and affordable energy to SMEs in Africa.
  • Teraki (Ethiopia) is an audio streaming platform that addresses the challenges faced by African authors, content creators, and audiences. Despite the high demand for literature and podcasts, generating sustainable revenue remains challenging. Teraki offers a two-way solution to these problems.
  • VeendHQ (Nigeria) is tackling the issue of low credit penetration in Africa, which arises from the lack of adequate credit history data for most of the African population. VeendHQ enables consumers and businesses with verifiable income to access funds on demand.
  • Wfrley (Eqypt) is an app for promotions and instant marketing, working in the underserved areas of Cairo. Wfrley provides supermarkets with a SaaS solution to control inventory, POS points, e-commerce, and delivery platforms.

Africa Tech Summit London will connect over 300 delegates, more than 150 companies, and more than 50 speakers, unpacking the latest insights on payments, Web3, cybersecurity, climate tech, and more.