We all use our phones in real time and interact with them more frequently than with any
other devices. As a matter of fact, a study of 11k RescueTime users (a software company) found that people spend around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on phones. As such, device makers must then set aside the assumption that people are interacting with just a flat, glass screen.

A device that most of us look at first thing in the morning and only let go when we sleep needs to be an extension of who we are. Hence the reason why the design of mobile phones is important apart just being functional.

Quality and durability are still very much essential drivers for design for all Nokia phones.
There is a certain promise of design and dependability attached to the Nokia brand that drive
consumers to love, trust and want to keep their devices for longer. This philosophy is
perfectly aligned with their mission to make mobile technology accessible to all with devices
that can be trusted.

For all Nokia phones, be it C-Series, G-series, or X- Series the first step in their design is
research and ideation. Nokia designers use a lot of consumer insights to generate ideas
around the device and then use research to validate those ideas. With these insights in
mind, Nokia designs targeted devices with qualities that consumers love, trust, and want to
keep as they get all they need in a mobile phone from a Nokia device.

Any new technology that Nokia incorporates in its designs is done only after they guarantee
the quality and the functionalism of the product. According to a global trend report conducted
by HMD Global, 73% of consumers want to keep their phone for longer and would if their
devices were maintained over time.

Nokia taps into Nordic premium design that’s known for simplicity and long-lasting timelessness. Even their colour selection links into the minimalistic design simplicity. As a matter of fact, Nokia truly designs devices that look good for eons ensuring that you can keep your device for longer and that it maintains its great look.

Also, recreating previous-generation Nokia devices is something unique to HMD Global. This
ensures that you can still have devices with the old look but are modern functional devices that can be used in today’s life. Nokia sees an opportunity in retro types of devices that are somewhere between feature phones and smartphones and especially now when AI features can be applied to the feature phones to transform the device into something completely new.

Even with lower range phones , HMD still promises its consumers a pleasant experience
with the device by incorporating big screen, enviable battery life and periodic security
updates. For example, one of the new entrants- Nokia C30, packs an impressive 6000mAh
battery, a 6.8-inch display and 2 years of security updates making it an enviable device for
its price range.

Nokia promises dependability regardless of what device you go for. With a timeless look and
the durability to endure the knocks of everyday life, Nokia phones truly are made to last.

  • Love it: Do what you love for longer with great battery life across all devices
  • Trust it: Two-Three years of security updates, data centre in Finland, ioXt certified
    across all devices
  • Keep it: Premium design quality that’s built to last and at least 2 years Android TM OS upgrades guaranteed.