AppsFlyer, a marketing measurement and experience platform, has released the 13th edition of its Performance Index, ranking the top media sources in mobile advertising.

The report has unveiled how Google is driving the largest number of installs in app marketing, further increasing its lead over Facebook in Android devices. The company ranked first in the Retention Index’s power and volume rankings in all Gaming and non-gaming categories, with the exception of racing games.

The report analyzed 623 media sources, 33 billion installs, and over 17,000 apps, with Google continuing to drive the highest number of app installs in Africa.

This year’s report also includes insights on the changing mobile media landscape, following the implementation of Apple’s Tracking Transparency (ATT).

Google’s unrivaled reach in Android is also the main reason why it is ranked number two in the In-App Advertising (IAP) Index global power ranking with a score that was only slightly lower than that of Facebook.

The remarketing Index shows that although Facebook still dominates this category, Google is closing the gap and has even claimed the top spot among Finance apps globally.

The AppsFlyer report also found that among consenting users, Apple Search Ads (ASA) ranked first in both the Retention Index’s global power and volume rankings.

ASA is the only media source in iOS that functions independently of SKAdNetwork and deterministically attributes users. While ASA is not a lateral comparison to other media sources in the rankings, AppsFlyer applied the same methodology for ASA and its competitors despite the differences in which they operate due to ASA’s volume of users with full data granularity.

“This edition of the Index comes at a fascinating time, as the industry is still in transition following the enforcement of Apple’s ATT in April of this year. Across Africa, while the number of users on iOS is rapidly growing, Android’s dominance means the impact of ATT has been less pronounced. App marketers in the region continue to see an increase in installs and having the latest insights and analytics is key to maximizing returns on marketing spend,” said Daniel Junowicz, RVP EMEA and Strategic Projects, AppsFlyer.

The report further recognized Adjoe as the fastest-growing media source in mobile advertising, with a 60% clients growth and a 2.5 times leap in the number of attributed non-organic installs.