Since the launch of Skiza Tunes by Safaricom in 2009, subscribers have been entertaining their callers with a song of their choice before they pick up. Safaricom users can use a Skiza Tune as their trademark call back song, or change it as often as they want.

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to get your favorite tune as your Skiza Tune.

You can successfully subscribe to a Skiza Tune through four main channels

  1. By use of Skiza code
  2. By use of SMS
  3. Directly through the website
  4. By express copying.

1. By use of Skiza Code

  • Go to your phone’s keypad and dial in *811#.
  • Scroll through the options and choose Skiza Tunes Genres.
  • Now select which genre of songs you would like to pick your Skiza Tune from
  • Select the song you want and download it.
  • Now subscribe to set it as your Skiza Tune. This will cost you Ksh 1 a day for local tunes and Ksh 1.50 for international ones as long as the subscription lasts.

2. By use of SMS

  • Go to the messaging app on your phone and send the word Skiza and the code of the tune you would like to 811. For example Skiza 12345.
  • Safaricom will send back a message to ask you to confirm your subscription.
  • Confirm it to set the tune.
  • To get the code of the song you would want as your Skiza Tune, send a text message with the word SEARCH followed by the name of the song or artist to 822. For example SEARCH NADIA MUKAMI.

3. Directly from the Website

  • Log on to the Skiza Tune website on your browser’s search bar. Scroll through the list of available tunes and select the one you want.

4. By express copying

Express copying happens when you copy a Skiza Tune directly from another person. To do this successfully follow the steps below.

  • Call the person with the Skiza Tune you want. Tell them not to answer the call.
  • While the Skiza Tune plays, access your keypad and dial 11.
  • The Skiza Tune will automatically set as your own as well.

Skiza Tunes range from Gospel, Bongo, International Tunes, Local dialect tunes, Reggae, etc. The Skiza Tune does not have to be a song however. You can get inspirational messages, funny speech, or personal messages.

Artists who wish to register with Safaricom and Skiza Tunes can do so through the various companies partnered with Safaricom using the information on the Safaricom Website. They can also call the Safaricom Customer Care lines.

To delete a Skiza Tune from your phone send the word DELETE followed by the code of the tune. For example DELETE12345.