Phone manufacturer and distributor, HMD Global, has launched its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution for IoT and enterprise use, the HMD Enable Pro. The recent launch diversifies the company’s services offering and creates a one-stop shop for those seeking a flexible total solution for their mobility needs.

HMD Enable Pro has been launched by the company to meet demand in the fast-moving EMM market. The service caters especially to those who require smartphones, an EMM solution, and connectivity from just one provider. The new service also allows organizations to manage a number of AndroidTM mobile devices by providing needed apps, setting security policies, and by defining the allowed application usage.

Speaking at the launch, Andrej Sonkin, General Manager, Enterprise, HMD Global said, “Today, approximately 15-20% of enterprise devices are managed with an EMM, and demand for trustworthy solutions is only increasing. The demand is driven by digitalization, use of commercial off-the-shelf devices in IoT, personal data protection regulation and overall IT security needs. We feel that the time has come for a step change in EMM adoption.”

For simplicity, HMD Enable Pro is based on latest AndroidTM Enterprise capabilities, making it future proof for the years to come so enterprises can use it long-term. The development focus has been to create an EMM solution that is intuitive and easy use, even if the customer does not have previous experience in managing devices. The HMD Enable Pro management console can be used with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and guides the user through the policy set up using easy to understand steps.

To help enterprises monitor their fleet of devices, the Devices function provides a detailed overview of each enrolled handset, and its current state. In addition, the Home function acts as a central dashboard and features an overview of the device fleet within the organization.

With the addition of HMD Enable Pro, the total solution offering for enterprises now consists of Nokia smartphones and accessories, Nokia smartphone lifecycle services, HMD connectivity solutions, and HMD’s EMM solution. This offers businesses the choice of getting EMM solution, connectivity and hardware from one manufacturer, to simplify their selection, and to ensure efficient support.

HMD Enable Pro runs on Google Cloud based in Hamina, Finland. This ensures all data is stored in accordance with EU GDPR regulations to ensure the highest standards of privacy and customer data protection. All app delivery happens safely and securely from the Managed Google Play Store. This can be accessed for public and private apps via an iFrame directly from the policy creation wizard, and from the function Applications.

Also speaking at the launch, Jaakko Salminen, Founder and CEO, Luokkahenki Oy (HMD Enable Pro customer) said, “We were offered the opportunity to trial HMD Enable Pro before choosing, and the benefits were plain to see. It gives us so much control over the devices which limits our risk and reduces the need for maintenance. And we are able to do all this remotely.”