TECNO, the smartphone manufacturer is said to be planning to introduce the CAMON 17 Pro which will be the latest iteration in the Camon series. According to the company, the Camon 17 will continue with the proud tradition that has seen the phone being referred to as a camera first phone.  As such, it will apparently come with the clearest selfie phone in the industry as well as brilliant photography performance.

The CAMON 17 Pro will marry breathtakingly sleek design with advanced technology, resulting in a product that is custom fit for young and active individuals looking to express themselves.

The improvement in mobile phone camera technology over the years indicates the increasing role that modern smartphones play in the development of our social psychology. Accordingly, the development of the TECNO CAMON 17 Pro was spurred by the demands of a selfie generation in the post-pandemic era. This trend is also highlighted in Counterpoint Research, in its recent whitepaper released in April 2021.

According to the whitepaper, consumer behavior and the smartphone usage scenarios has changed drastically due to the social-distancing policies put in place to combat COVID-19. This has led to a rise in the demand for selfies during home quarantine so as to enable one to share life snippets with friends and social media.

Over the years, TECNO’s innovations have been futuristic yet practical, designed with the user in mind. As such, foreseeing this social trend brought about by the pandemic, TECNO decided to upgrade the selfie innovations in its CAMON series which will be unveiled in the CAMON 17 Pro.

TECNO’s deep insights into the social culture behind selfie was echoed by Chris Evans, a Hollywood A-lister actor as well as TECNO’s brand ambassador. Being a global celebrity, Evans is accustomed to requests for selfies. According to him, a selfie might seem like ‘just another photo’ however, people can use it to document evidence and achievements, such as milestones such as brushing shoulders with celebrities or the ‘perfect life’. He added that the selfie ‘is a particularly important medium to help people understand perspectives and experiences.’

As part of the Camon 17 Pro launch, TECNO will explore the history, rising and story behind selfie by a documentary. The documentary named ‘Rise of the Selfie’ will trace the selfie phenomenon and its impact on smartphone users today. It outlines the way of looking at the future where selfies will be an important medium of self-expression, as gleaned from how the young ‘digital native’ generation, not just for individuals but also groups, whether online or in person.

The CAMON 17 Pro will become the first product to put this behavior into focus as users in post-epidemic era continue to associate selfies with their identity, making phone manufacturers such as TECNO sit up and take note.

So, stay tuned for the online launch of the Tecno Camon 17 Pro and the ‘Rise of the Selfie’ documentary.