The Huawei Tech Summit 2021 will convene business leaders and ICT experts from across Southern Africa from March 17th to 19th. The virtual event aims to unpack the opportunities of digital transformation for African businesses.

The summit will address the changes, challenges and opportunities presented in the post-pandemic era. It will also offer practical steps on how to succeed by using the latest ICT technology. The stakeholders will discuss ways on how to reach their set goals for the tech industry in the near future.

Digital transformation has continued to introduce numerous business opportunities to enterprises. However, the amazing data growth brought about by digital transformation also poses equally significant challenges to these enterprises.

The summit will bring up the importance of business leaders staying one step ahead. Huawei proposes the need to understand the current challenges that organizations are facing, or will be facing in the near future.

Additionally, leaders will address concerns related to establishing reliable and intelligent networks to guarantee service continuity. One of the aspects to be discussed in the summit will be how to build a green, more reliable, and intelligent storage system to better realize the value of data.

Huawei will also address ways on how to construct intelligent and green energy systems to ensure business zero downtime, and optimize energy consumption.

The Huawei Tech Summit will not only address the above stated concerns, but will also bring inspiring insights on how to use the latest ICT technology. This technology will help the enterprises succeed in the post-pandemic era, all while exploring new trends that ensure sustainability and profitability.