Spotify has announced their plan to launch in about 85 new markets in the next few days, including Kenya and Pakistan. The announcement was made on the Spotify StreamOn online conference.

The launch makes Spotify the next major streaming service to rollout in Kenya, other international music streaming services in Kenya are Apple Music and Deezer.

Kenya Spotify users should expect free and Premium plans. The plans will offer individual, family, Duo and Student options. Users will be able to search Spotify’s worldwide catalog and browser and search pages, to adapt to the local market and users’ taste.

Spotify also made an announcement of its plans to rollout Spotify HiFi, which will be their new high-end subscription service. Spotify HiFi will launch later this year to Spotify Premium users in select global markets which will allow them to listen to music in CD-quality lossless audio format.

Spotify announced this new feature for their platform amongst other features like a new podcast morning show, content deals and features for creators. The company stated that high quality music streaming has been one of their most requested features.

The company added that Spotify HiFi will work across digital devices. They have worked with the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to make the service more accessible to more fans.

However, Spotify pricing of the new service has not announced. Users should however, expect Spotify Hi-Fi to be pricier than the current Spotify Premium offering. Currently, Spotify Premium streaming tops out at 320kbps which is the base streaming quality for other services such as like Tidal.