Recharging is easier said than done in our fast-paced world, this is because there are so many things that drain
us throughout the week. From work to family pressure, these things can really take a toll on your well being leading to chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and heart disease among other lifestyle diseases.

Hence there is a need for us to stop and take a minute to take care of ourselves and sometimes it doesn’t even cost a dime. However, most people find it hard to create time for themselves to unwind while others engage in more toxic activities during their free time. It’s important to have a way to relieve stress and recharge on your off-days. If you’re feeling exhausted, here are some ways you can recharge over the weekend.

1. Take a walk in nature

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the fast-paced life of today’s world that we get used to the stress. Being out in nature reminds us of the simple things in life and can help you relax. Additionally, the fresh air has great effects on your health such as boosting your energy levels and reducing stress. Taking a short stroll outside when you’re feeling tired can instantly alleviate your mood. However, if you don’t feel like going outside, a study showed that looking at pictures of nature has similar effect as being out and about.

2. Writing

At times, we find it difficult to talk about some things for fear of judgment or simply not to burden others with our problems. However, venting is a great stress reliever and you can vent through writing. This helps you identify the root of your worries and get things off your chest thus allowing you to recharge. You don’t even need to be a talented writer to express your feelings on pen and paper. Therefore, it’s important to keep a journal to note down your deepest thoughts.

3. Take a warm shower

Warm showers are not only soothing but also serve to relieve muscle tension. You may be feeling drained because you’re physically beat. If this is the case, a warm shower will do some good. Create a relaxing ambiance by lighting candles instead of using a bulb lighting. Don’t worry about how long it takes, just relax and enjoy the soothing effects of the warm water.

4. Read a book

Books and magazines offer a quick escape from reality for a few hours. Additionally, you get to explore your creative side which is a great stress reliever. According to a study, only 6 minutes of reading can slow down your heart rate and boost your general health. No matter how busy you are, you can certainly take a 6-minute break to read a book.

5. Engage your brain

Contrary to what people might think, engaging your brain can help you recharge. Sitting idly is more draining than being active. Therefore, instead of lazing around on the weekend, get some brain-boosting games to play. Some great brain-boosting mobile games include Temple Run, Sudoku, Crossword, and Parking Frenzy. You can also get games like Jenga and puzzles that will involve the whole family.

6. Treat yourself

Treat yourself to something you’ve been thinking about all week. Again, don’t worry about the expense as long as you can manage to pay for it. If you’ve been longing for a spa weekend, book one. Maybe you’ve been craving pizza all week, get one. Giving yourself that reward helps relax your mind giving it time to recharge.

7. Have Sex

When Marvin Gaye sang about ‘Sexual Healing’, he knew exactly what he was talking about. Sex has great effects on the body and mind. It helps relieve headaches, reduce stress levels and improve the quality of sleep. This creates the prefect environment for relaxation and recharging.

8. Declutter your house

You may not notice it immediately but clutter wears out your mind. Therefore, the reason you might not be able to recharge while at home is because your home is cluttered. Take some time during the weekend to go through all your unwanted stuff and get rid of them. Additionally, the physical exercise will wear you out thus helping your sleep better.

9. Meet new people

This is one of the best ways to feel recharged. Networking and meeting new people gives you a fresh perspective in life. If you have an event to attend, try and meet someone new there. However, you can still meet new people online and create a connection though it’s better to meet in person as the experience is more intimate.

10. Get some help around the house

Trying to do it all – cleaning, cooking, shopping, work deadlines, social life – can rob you of much needed time to recharge. Therefore, if you can, hire someone to help you with house chores since these are the most time consuming. You don’t have to hire a permanent help if you don’t need one. There are many cleaning services available as well as cleaning ladies offering their services at a daily rate.