Sometimes one looks at the works of accomplished writers and thinks, I want to write like that one day. Writing like any other skill is one in which one gets better with time. In this article we are offering ten simple exercises and tips that may help you organize your job better and also help you identify areas in which you need to improve.

1. Stylization

Stylization basically means to represent in or make to conform to a particular style especially when highly conventionalized or saliently artistic rather than naturalistic. Whereas one should not plagiarize, you are free to imitate the style of a good author.

Imitating the style of a good author in the details of your work can prove to be a good exercise for those who seek to become good writers. One can do this by say, creating a folder on your computer and making a point to write a passage or two in your favorite author’s style. Do not get carried away and focus on just one author but endeavor inculcate the styles of other authors whom you deem worthy. However, you should note that stylization will not help you develop your own style.

2. Insert a word

As a copywriter one is always a slave of the topic you are working on. This basically means that it is hard to deviate from the topic of discussion. However, one must be able to insert specific senses into the material that at first glance seems alien to the text.

You can acquire this skill through training yourself, for example open up the dictionary and randomly select any word. Now try to insert this word in the text that you are working on and fit it so naturally that the editor won’t notice it. Use simple words at first as they are likely to fit in better than hard words. And if this is some kind of “acclamation” or “statism”? Your friends or customers may ask you “write my research paper” and you will need to use high-profile lexicon of the academic sphere!

3. Insert link

This exercise is similar to the previous one, you are required to organically insert a link to material in your previous blog post. The blog post should be the most recent. This helps train you on the flexibility of thinking.

4. Write a letter to a customer within 60 minutes

The best way to bring out the best in writing skills is to challenge yourself. Here is an exercise that should be able to bring out the best in you. Liaise with the sales department in your company for the description of the most demanding client of the month. After you get a mental picture of the client, sit down and write a letter to this client in 60 minutes.

Your task is to explain to this particular client why you want to sell them a product. You should do this not on behalf of the company but at your own behest. In the letter you should clearly and convincingly state the reasons why you would like to sell the said product to the client. Remember to observe the time limit of 1 hour and as such be very brief.

5. Come up with 10 metaphors

Take any noun in the text you’re working on and come up with 10 metaphors of this word. Or 10 epithets of the word. Or 10 aphorisms. Yes, it is difficult but worth a try. If you are able to come up with some, insert the best ones in the text.

6. Rewrite a paragraph from a good book.

This advise at first glance seems absurd, but it is a good challenge for beginners. It is best to rewrite paragraphs of the classics. This will help you see the text in a very different light and hopefully even get to understand “how it’s done.”

7. Collect interesting facts and sort them by topics.

These will help you out someday when writing an article. For example interesting facts about a country can help when say writing an article about places to visit in the said country.

8. Throw out the first paragraph

The first paragraph helps the author to go deeper into the subject and get the right tone. Once you understand how and what to write, remove the first paragraph from the article that you are writing. Such is the price of being able to write good material.

9. The truth is more convincing

There is nothing more convincing than the plain truth. Also there is nothing more profitable, easier and more pleasant in the blogging business than to tell the truth about your product, its market, and everything else that concerns your subjects. At the heart of inbound marketing is a quality product and high-quality content

10. Deadlines are harmful to the quality of the text.

Just like in anything else, writing under pressure/tight deadline will affect the quality of text negatively. You should allow yourself adequate time to think through the idea for the article that you are to write. Even Albert Einstein on the question, what would you do if you needed to save the planet in an hour, he said: “I’d spend most of the time thinking about the reasons, and only five minutes – to salvation itself.”