Singer and poet Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas and actor, director Nini Wacera have joined forces to bring you what could be the sexiest show ever.  If you listened to Nini Wacera during her stint at Capital FM then this is on another level of sexy. This is not the first time Kaz has had a platform to talk about sex, as she has previously been part of Vagina Monologues cast (2013). She is also behind the documentary Kenyan woman that celebrates women who have overcome different social issues. The two women are a perfect combination because they are not shy about addressing issues around sexuality.

On asking Kaz why have Nini Wacera as a co-host she said, “There is a lack of (public) conversations about sex in Kenya and there needs to be less of a taboo surrounding these kind of talks. So I figured, why not. And who better to talk about sex than the queen of late night. Sex positivity is the movement we’re trying to access from people. Let’s be positive in the way we talk about intimacy and sexuality and refrain from shaming it. There are so many problems we can solve as a nation just by doing so.”

The podcast that has two episodes so far. It is such a breath of fresh air in a society where sex it still a hush-hush topic. In the first episode they address issues around contraceptives and sexuality in the second. The beauty of it all is that they have done their research and what they are sharing with their audience checks out.  There is also a Q&A session where the two hosts answer questions from the audience. This is to create a safe space for the listeners.

Alexelle Grace, the producer of the show says,”The show is not primarily a sex talk show, but it is a platform that creates awareness about our sexuality. The topics will go beyond sex, we will talk bout hygiene, how to take care of ourselves and any other aspect that pertains sexuality as a whole.”

The hosts also let their listeners in by sharing their personal experiences without hesitation.It is very sexy which complemented by their sultry voices and suggestive reactions throughout the conversation. The two have a good chemistry that bounces off each other. This podcast also allows you to indulge without any barriers or judgement. It lasts between 30-36 minutes for each episode. Listen to The Spread below