The Kenyan coast is a top travel destination for many vacationers both in the country and around the world. However, unlike what most people believe, the Coast isn’t all about beaches and parties. It has a vibrant cultural, historical and natural scenes that provide different entertainment options in the area. Whether you’re visiting Diani, Lamu or even Mombasa, there are lots of fun activities to do that will make your visit more enjoyable.

1. Get A Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos are a celebrated work of art in the Swahili culture hence you should try while at
the Coast. Additionally, it leave lasting memory of your visit weeks after you’ve returned to your home place.

2. Kite Surfing At Tribe Watersports

There’s an array of watersports you can try out while at the Coast. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be guided by the surfers at Tribe Watersports at affordable rates. They also offer kite surfing school if you’re interested in learning the sport.

3. Jet Skiing

This is one of the most common sports you can do at the Coast. Most popular joints like Yul’s
and Bidi Badu offer Jet Skiing at their beaches. It costs around Ksh 3,000 for a 20 minute ride.

4. Explore Old Town

You can enjoy a stroll around the old towns at the Coast. The ancient architectures are a sight to behold and if you’re into photography, this is a great place to capture unique structures.

5. Try Swahili Dishes

Once you have Swahili food, you’ll understand why people from the Coast make fun of food in
Nairobi. These mouth-watering dishes will have you asking for seconds and thirds.

6. Take A Dhow Ride

Dhows are wooden boats used as a mode of transport in Coast. They offer an adventurous and
scenic trip in between islands and the experience is truly unique.

7. Visit The Marine National Park

Located in Malindi, the park boasts of a variety of activities you can do at the Marine National
Park including Snorkeling, camping and windsurfing.

8. Enjoy A Sunset At The Beach

Some activities won’t cost you a cent but are just as fun. You can opt to enjoy a stunning sunset at the beach.

9. Create Sand Art

Similarly, it’s free to create sand art but it’s a fun activity especially for the children.

10. Camel Ride At The Beach

Some beach activities like snorkeling and jet skiing can be pricey for most people. However, you can enjoy other inexpensive but fun activities. Camel rides at the beach can cost anywhere from Ksh 500 to Ksh 2,000 depending on your negotiation skills.

11. Donkey Ride in Lamu

Donkeys are mostly beasts of burden in most parts of the world but in Lamu, they’re a tourist
attraction. Donkey rides are one of the most popular things to do in this town.

12. Take A Sunset Cruise At Mida Creek.

Mida Creek is even more magical in the evening which is the perfect time to take a cruise. The
mangroves and palm trees provide a stunning backdrop for a relaxing sunset cruise.

13. Explore The Nightlife

Apart from the beautiful beaches, the Coast is most famous for its parties. It definitely has a
vibrant nightlife where you’re likely to meet people from all parts of the world. Therefore, it’s
always a good to spend a night out in the coastal towns.

14. Attend A Festival

Most festivals in the Coast happen in December when majority of the people visit the area. There are a number of them from musical festivals such as Diani Beach festival to cultural ones such as Lamu Cultural Festivals.

15. Tour the Kongo Mosque

If you’re visiting Diani, you can visit the Kongo Mosque. It’s one of the most iconic mosques as
it’s said to be the first mosque built in Kenya. It has an ancient Swahili design which had made it a popular tourist attraction.

16. Go Snorkeling

While snorkeling, you get to see with all kinds of marine animals including colourful fish,
dolphins, octopuses and clams while snorkeling at the Coast. It’s available at Wasini, Watamu,
Malindi and Mombasa and can cost between Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 15,000.

17. Collect Sea Shells

Make your stroll along the beach more interesting and adventurous by collecting sea shells.

18. Have Dinner On A Yacht

If you want to experience have the 1% lives, you can start by having dinner on a yacht at the
Coast. At a small fee, you’ll enjoy a variety of seafood with a romantic view.

19. Sky Dive At Diani

While sky diving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s more fun doing it at the Coast with a beautiful
view of the ocean and white beaches.

20. Shop At The Local Market

From madafus to beautiful souvenirs, the local markets at the Coast have lots of interesting
things that you’ll enjoy shopping for.