Nairobi is a good town to live in because it offers you all the creature comforts that you can think so long as you can be able to afford it. The reverse is true if you are a hustler trying to make in the big city, mpaka there is a Swahili saying that goes like “Nairobi ni shamba la mawe” which simply depicts that making it in Nairobi is an uphill task. However, in as much as making it in Nairoberry is a struggle, there are always a motivating stories of peeps who have made it through sheer hard work and talent.

The BigFish Restaurant story is one such instance where a small business has found success during a time when a majority of businesses are struggling. The story of BigFish started out in 2015 when Maureen Adhiambo a trained teacher kicked off the business  as a part time venture since she was still employed. However, with time she went into the business on a full time basis. Later on, her siblings Osumo and Cynthia decided to join in on seeing the potential of the business. Osumo was assigned the role of the social media manager while Cynthia is the accountant.

It is this role that Osumo was assigned that has brought fame and even success to the BigFish business. This is because he has been able to use social media to hype the business to a point that it went viral on the socials making it become the place to go for anyone who loves a good meal of fish and ugali. Since this time, the restaurant has managed to get a loyal clientele who have spread the good word as well as glowing reviews about how good and fresh the food that is served there is.

According to Maureen, Safaricom has played a big role in the success of their business in that they have been able to use their 4G network to post pictures of their food on social media which has enabled them to increase their clientele. Lipa na Mpesa has also made it easier to accept payment for food deliveries as well as reduce cash transactions at the restaurant due to Covid-19.

The good peeps at BigFish intend to expand their business within the next five years across the country. All we can do is wish them all the best in this endeavor and if you ever find yourself near Mountain Mall on Thika Road make sure you pop in for a bite.