Betting company Betika has announced that it has donated football equipment to the CKT initiative in Kibera.

The CKT (Change, Konnect and Transform) initiatives are geared towards combating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kibera. It was started three months ago by the youth in Kibera with the objective of bringing the community together by encouraging them to set up self-sustaining businesses and steer them away from harmful activities such as crime due to the effects of Covid-19. The initiative has so far set up twelve businesses for the people within the Kibera community and has been able to engage more than 300 women and youth who have either lost their jobs or have had to take pay cuts at their places of work.

Betika, through the Betika na Community Initiative have donated to help support the women and youth in Kibera. As Betika remains committed to the growth of football in Kenya, they also continue investing in youth based programs in both Arts and Culture. The company donated parasols, reflectors, dust coats, football jerseys, t-shirts, football nets and balls.

Speaking during the visit, Betika head of Business John Mbatiah said, “Being a Kenyan firm with over 90% of the workforce under 40, we know the importance of supporting the youth in this great country and that is why we chose to support CKT. This support confirms our commitment to investing in the community in every way possible. We may not fully cover the needs of the community, but we will play a significant part in positively changing lives of those that we are able to impact. We will continue reaching out to the affected and extend further support to the relevant communities through Betika na Community”.