Little Cab the taxi hailing platform has announced a partnership with Truecaller. The partnership seeks to enhance customer efficiency and safety through a faster user registration and verification process. The integration also aims to bolster Little’s customer identity verification process which will in turn help to minimize risks of less verified users and enhancing trust in the Little platform.

Truecaller SDK helps app developers and other online businesses to verify and authenticate new user registration via phone numbers. In Kenya and Africa as a whole, phone numbers have become the primary identity for people to authenticate themselves when registering for a new service. Under the arrangement, anyone who has a Truecaller profile will not need a One Time Passwords (OTP).

Currently, over 25 million Africans use Truecaller daily, and it has become one of the most important communication apps in the region. In November last year, Truecaller announced that they were launching their developer program in Kenya to engage more deeply with the eco-system.

Kamal Budhabhatti, CEO at Little, had this to say, “This partnership is an affirmation of the company’s commitment to offer value, enhance the user experience, safety and further grow the service regionally. The new service will enable an identification process, blocking unverified users from accessing the platform, minimizing risk and enhancing safety.”