Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has unveiled a new look for the Smirnoff Vodka as part of its new strategic direction and response to consumer trends and demands.

The new pack draws an inspiration from previous bottles in a contemporary way, with bold visuals and the return of the iconic Smirnoff shield  featuring prominently across all new packaging and adds to completely aesthetic touch to the brand appeal.

The unveil comes at a time, when a recent study titled Diageo Drinks Report for 2019 revealed that there is a growing trend for consumers seeking intriguing brand stories and history. That’s why the Smirnoff’s Recipe No.21 has brought to the forefront the ‘continuing traditions since 1864’ label.

At the same time, they announced the return of Smirnoff Battle of the Beats, the DJ’s competition. The second season of Smirnoff Battle of the Beat powered will crown at least five winners in 5 regions across the country. The six weeks competition will see up and coming DJ prospects from across the country meet and battle it out to find the next big Kenyan entertainer. The competition feeds into the larger Smirnoff Experience, an ongoing campaign where the brand is educating consumers on their perfect cocktails.

KBL’s Brand Manager, Christine Kariuki, had this to say, “The brand Smirnoff is founded on key pillars of Music, Art, Dance and Fashion, all cornerstones of a vibrant and creatively driven society. Today, Battle of the beats is a culmination of the research led insights that show more and more that Kenyans are increasingly investing in creative arts as lifestyle. Knowing this, Kenya breweries has provided a platform where our consumer can express themselves in this unique art form to enjoy and entertain Kenyans. We want to continue to connect with our consumers at their touchpoints and this competition is another supporting element for this.”