The ICT Authority (ICTA) has introduced new regulations that will see fibre optic networks registered with them. The authority announced these new regulations via an advertisement in the paper.

The new regulations mandate fibre optic owners to register their fibre optic cable network details. The details include the location and details of the fibre network. It is also now a requirement to seek approval from CA before applying to local authorities to lay new fibre optic networks.

This move by ICTA is apparently an attempt to create an asset infrastructure register in consultation with road agencies.  According to ICTA, these new regulations will enhance coordination and management of fibre optic infrastructure in the country. In addition, they will mitigate the losses that both the Government and private investors have been incurring during implementation of road and fiber cable infrastructure due to damage such as fibre cuts or road destruction.

Fibre optic owners are required to email to get details on how to register their fibre optic cable networks.

This new move will add an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy to an already difficult process. Fibre optic owners are currently required to seek approval from multiple agencies before laying their fibre networks. It is also not clear whether these new regulations is based on any current law and this lays the ground for challenge of this new regulation. It is also not clear whether fibre optic owners will be required to pay any fees for the approval from CA. However well intentioned this is, it requires a rethink and also some sort of public participation so that fibre optic owners can share their views.