Telkom Kenya working on new DARE 1 fibre optic cable; To land in Kenya in 2019


Telkom Kenya has partnered with Djibouti Telecoms, and Somtel for the launch of the DARE 1 (Djibouti African Regional Express) Fiber optic cable.

The 30 Terabyte Fiber cable will run for approximately 4,000 kilometers and will connect Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya. It is expected to land in 2019. Mombasa will be the landing point.

Telkom Kenya has already began the survey for the cable. The survey is a geographical mapping exercise that involves under-sea navigation to where the cable will be buried, guided by factors like water and wave patterns to ensure the least disruption to the cable when laid.

Kenya is currently served by four cables after TEAMS, EASSy, SEACOM and LION. Another one, the PEACE cable is also slated to be completed in 2019.

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