The PEACE (Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe) submarine fibre optic cable project has commenced. The cable is expected to connect Kenya, Pakistan, Djibouti, Egypt, and other countries with a total length of 8,800km. The project is expected to completed in late 2019.

EGS Ltd is currently conducting a marine survey which will involve a hydrographic and geophysical survey of the seabed along the planned cable route.

The project plans to connect South Asia (Pakistan) and East Africa (Djibouti) and Kenya. A northern expansion to Egypt and further southern expansion from Kenya to South Africa is planned. The project will facilitate connectivity from China to Pakistan creating the shortest route from China to Europe via Africa.

The cable is a collaboration between Huawei Marine, Tropic Science, China-ASEAN Information Harbor and, China Construction Bank.

The PEACE cable will be the fifth cable to land in Kenya after TEAMS, EASSy, SEACOM and LION.