Willy Paul’s staple is vivid storytelling. You don’t have to be an avid consumer of his music to notice this approach to his music. Naturally, Murd3r would follow the same path.

The video starts off with Willy Paul tied to a chair in a dark room that his kidnappers have kept him in. After he identifies himself, the video cuts to a sunny day at a gathering where he is spending time with his family. He sings of the happiness he enjoys; a lifestyle that has made his enemies so jealous that he suspects they are out to get him. The end goal is that they end up with his beautiful wife.

Lyrically, the words go with the video, thus helping to frame the story he is trying to tell in the video. Some of the themes he explores are the effects of financial instability on a marriage, especially when your wife is being pursued by more wealthy men. In this case, the wife does not give in to the advances which is the reason why Willy Paul is in the situation he is in at the beginning of the video. While such a situation would crumble most marriages, especially if the woman were to give in to the her suitor’s advances. The dynamics of romantic relationships are something he has expressed interest in exploring, especially in his upcoming film, Murder.

Rumor has it that this song is meant to promote the movie Murder in which he will star alongside Dj Sadic. His record label, Saldido Records is behind both artists’ debut into acting.