Depression is one of the most common mental illness all over the world. It is estimated that about 300 million people globally suffer from it and 2 million people locally. When you are depressed, your perception is warped and you have a skewed outlook on life. These are some of the lies that depression can get you into thinking.

1. I am undeserving of love

Depression can get you thinking that you are overwhelming everyone around you with your problems. This can get you questioning the validity of your relationships because you assume no one really cares about you and they don’t want to help you. This is self defeating thinking can make you push people away which can hurt those who love and care about you. It also makes it harder for you to open up when keeping things inside is slowly killing you.

The truth is, those people around care and genuinely want you to get better and get back to your old self. So when they reach out and ask to help you, please do. It wiil do you a world of good and get you on the path to recovery

2. I will never get better

When you are in that dark place and all you see is darkness, it is hard to imagine that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that the situation will pass. Sometimes, you don’t remember what happiness feels like or how you were before you were depressed and even when you have moment of happiness, you imagine that the feeling will not last and you will go back to the sadness

Well, only death is permanent and no matter what you are going through, things get better. It might take a while but eventually, things get better.

3. Suicide is the only option

The feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness can make you feel that life is not worth living.

I saw a quote that said suicide is a permanent reaction to a temporary problem. So take a step back and talk to someone about how you are feeling. And even if you have attempted it and you are plagued with feelings of guilt, remember that at the time, you were not thinking straight and it’s not helpful to self stigmatize or feel that you were selfish. You weren’t yourself.

4. I am not trying hard enough

Depression can lie to you that you are being whiny and that you are not working hard enough to help yourself. These thoughts are propagated by depression not immediately manifesting itself physically so you think that it’s simply something that you can talk yourself out of it or distract yourself until you get better. You might also end up admonishing yourself for not being able to handle the stress of life like other people.

A friend of mine gave me the analogy of a someone with broken leg when I was at my lowest. As we sat in the cold of Ngong Racecourse, he told me that comparing yourself to other people is like expecting someone with a broken leg to get up and go to the kitchen and get themselves a glass of water. The same way you won’t use the same metrics to compare the abilities of someone with a broken leg and one who is fine is the same way you cannot use the same metrics on yourself and compare your mind to other people.

So you are doing the best you can and healing is on its way.

5. Nothing matters

Depression is a monster and affects all aspects of your life. It can stagnate you and keep you from pursing your dreams and working on your goals. Because of how sad you are feeling you might find yourself skipping school or work because it all seems futile and ridiculous.

Truth is, all those hopes and dreams matter and they are worth pursing and the fulfillment that comes with achievement will help lift your mood.

6. It’s better to be alone

Lying in bed usually seems tempting and you may go to great lengths to avoid any form of social interaction.

When you are your lowest, it is best to surround yourself with people who care about you. It will do you a world of good.

7. Getting high will make me feel better

This is probably one of the most harmful things you can tell yourself. Not only will drugs and alcohol make you feel worse and push you over the edge, but they mitigate the progress that you have made in your journey to recovery and slow down the healing process.