Baraka Israel and EatOut are hosting the first ever Nairobi Wine Week & Festival in May. The event is a two-part experience: it comprises a two-day Wine Festival from 5th- 6th May and a Wine Week from 7th- 13th May. Its concept is similar to the already popular Nairobi Restaurant Week and Nairobi Burger Week which are foodie experiences also organised by EatOut.

The two-day festival is a wine tasting experience that will be held at J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen, Westlands. The wine samples available will be from 9 countries around the world and will be represented by 15 wineries and 10 wine suppliers.

A ticket for the event entitles one to: 30 wine samples, a box of chocolate and cheese and cold cut bitings. Additionally, those who purchase the connoisseur package for Ksh. 3000 will receive a box of gourmet chocolates, a sangria cocktail and a wine sorbet.


The tickets cost:

  • Ksh. 1000 for early bird tickets(only available until 21st April)
  • Ksh. 1500 for advance tickets
  • Ksh. 3000 for connoisseur tickets

There are no tickets being sold at the door.

To purchase your ticket, go to:

Finer details regarding The Wine week from 7th- 13th May which will feature great offers on wine at over 30 participating restaurants will be confirmed.

Baraka Israel Enterprises is an Israeli- Kenyan company that specializes in importation of food and beverages for the Kenyan market.

EatOut is an online and mobile platform that makes the local dining scene more accessible through their web and mobile apps. These applications enable users to discover and access discounts and offers at various restaurants across the East Africa region.