DStv to reduce prices of its services in Kenya from September 1st


Pay TV company, DSTv, has today announced that it will reduce prices of its TV packages from 1st September 2017. The company last reduced its prices in October 2016.

The new pricing is below.

Package Old Price New Price Difference
Premium 8,180 7,900 280
Compact Plus 5,425 5,200 225
Compact 3,550 3,200 350
Access 1,050 950 100



  1. That reduction is too minimal considering the fact that already the prices are too exorbitant. A reduction of between 100 and 200? That’s a joke.

  2. have seen the packages, and am requeting for the acces, what is the cost of the package and and the decoder

  3. We appreciate the reduction for the time being but you could have gone to ksh.3000 for compact. Just a thought.

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