Safaricom is like that loyal girlfriend or boyfriend who texts all the time. At a particular time each day or even at any given moment, you can expect a message adding to the already long Safaricom thread of notifications on your phone. The issue is that this is not some girlfriend and boyfriend and the aspect of the notifications goes from sweet and flattering to downright vexing.

Many Kenyans have taken to Social Media, complaining about their agitation resulting from the repetitive messages. Regardless, most of us have simply gotten used to the messages by either reading them or ignoring them entirely. However, you don’t need to endure the incessant notifications anymore. Here’s how you can unsubscribe from Safaricom promotional text messages.

  1. Dial *100# for Prepaid customers or *200# for Postpaid customers
  2. Choose the 3rd option “Products and Services”
  3. Type ’98” to go to the next page
  4. Choose the 10th option (8th option for Postpaid) which reads “Stop Safaricom Promotion SMS”
  5. Choose the No. 1 option for No.

When the process is done, you will see a pop-up notification confirming that you will no longer receive text messages about Safaricom offers.