What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when Turkana is mentioned? The answer to that question will be different before you finish reading this article because Turkana Land checks your perceptions and privileges.

A vast land with all her virgin attractions, beautiful landscapes but brutal terrain, for most of us it was love at first sight! The county has unexplored beaches, nature and wildlife attractions, archaeological experiences, vibrant culture, and adventure – you don’t have to go to Dubai for a desert safari with Lotikipi plains and the Southern Turkana Sand dunes right here in Kenya!

Turkana county is picture perfect destination and has been used for numerous commercials such as- “Niko na Safaricom” and features on movies such as the “Mountains of the moon”.

Here are 17 images by Turnup Travel to inspire you to take a trip back home!

Stargazing on the shores of L.ake Turkana

South Turkana National Reserve

Beach walks Eliye Springs Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana Eliye Springs Sunrise Boat

Kainuk Border Bridge at the Turkana West Pokot Border

Lake Turkana Central Island Crocodile Lake

Lake Turkana Central Island Birds

One of the crater lakes in Central Island

Turkana Boy Monument