The Simba Corporation has launched its Foundation arm with a key focus on Health, Education and Road Safety. This is an effort to provide an academic platform, with the aim of improving the technical and entrepreneurship skills of less fortunate youth, focusing on the above three pillars. To this extent the Foundation has even placed an initial investment of over Ksh 10 million.

The project dubbed “Unda Future” will be run in partnership with The Eastland’s College of Technology and St. Kizito Institute of Vocational Training. The project is a unique automotive Dual Training System (DTS) aimed at offering more practice-oriented vocational training to improve the employability of marginalized youth in Kenya.

The “Unda Future” project comprises of two courses: Automotive Technology and Automobile Body Works Technology, which comes in three levels (grade III, II and I) and examined by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) at the end of each level.

Currently there are 30 students pursuing the automotive Technology and 30 studying Automobile Body works technology, 30% of those under the Unda Future project being female, which breaks off the stereotype that the auto service is a man’s job. The industry can also facilitate and empower women.

Under Health, the Simba Foundation will partner with health institutions to implement sustainable health programs aimed at saving lives and improving the well-being of communities. On Road safety, the foundation will strive to minimize communities’ vulnerability to road disasters through creation of proactive intervention programs that prevent or decrease the effects of road disasters.

Simba Corporation was founded in 1948 by Abdul Karim Popat and has interests in motor sales and service, hospitality, investment and financial services.