An intricate space can offer you two things; elevate your claustrophobia or offer you a serene haven. In this case the latter took center stage. Enveloped by different retails stores stocking to die for shoes and coats that are such a steal, is a joint that those who know of it readily invite you. Those oblivious to its existence are missing out on some of the best named cocktails. 7 Deadly sins, Giggle Juice, Love Potion, Desperate Housewife, Faithful Bitch and Strawberry Supernova are some of the cocktails that you can indulge in. Each lives up to the character or flavour it is named after.

I traded a quiet Friday indoors for a girl’s hangout at News Café Kilimani at Adlife Plaza after my friends raved about it for months. It is very easy to dismiss the place as there is nothing abuzz about it from the outside. Once in, we were ushered by a host. Being a Friday, after hours, we were just in time for the Happy Hour. Easily translated as madness hour or thirsty hour. Veterans were there for cocktails. It’s like people left work at 2pm for Happy Hour. The main area, the (restaurant) patio and the counter is not enough sitting space to hold the revelers constantly flowing through their doors.

Really Happy Hour

News Café’s happy hour is best known for their selected list of half priced cocktails. I requested for an original mojito off the four cocktails priced at 300/-. The team of mixologists shaking, pouring and banging was a scene to catch from the counter where we managed to score four seats. My excitement was quickly dashed as I have had better mojitos. You get what you pay for.

7 Deadly Sins was my second option. The devil in a glass. A tall glass. Woos you with its colour, its taste very tempting and gives you a deadly buzz. I was in the company of three ladies; one had an original mojito and the rest of the two had a Cosmopolitan each. The Cosmopolitan’s pink, hot pink, might put you off at first, but this is one of News Café’s decent drinks.


One of us ordered a burger. It looked tender and moist with a slab of cheese lazily dripping on the plate. However, the rack of ribs that a gentleman next to me was tearing through looked way better. I had those to go. By half past seven it was too crowded for me, age is slowing catching up.

The general manager Omprakash Ramchandani (Om) told me that Gigiri is the next stop for News Café to add to their two branches; Kilimani and Westlands. Kenya is part of the five countries outside South Africa to host the brand. Other countries include Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbabwe. This adds to the long list of international brands that have made way into the Kenyan market and have been successful. It has been a year since opened shop and it seems the revelers just keep going there.

If you want to have a decent conversation over drinks without music badgering your eardrums then this is for you. It also does help that during happy hour for Kshs. 2000/- you can treat yourself to two drinks and a meal. For all those who love to dab, steer away because there is no dance floor. It is basically a place to get good food, intoxication and enjoy good company.