It used to be that sex talk involved an awkward conversation with your relatives who were sent by your mother. For women, it is your liberal aunt who tells you what is expected from you as a woman. More often than not, this will happen when you are almost getting married or have come of age. For men the whole affair involves a pat on the shoulder accompanied by ‘you are now a man’. The schools did not help much as they gave us shifty details about sex. By the way they should revamp that syllabus.

Have things changed? Has technology made conversations about sex and sexual reproductive health easier? Where are young people now going to learn about sex?

On Wednesday 6th July at 2PM, we will host a Twitter chat to answer these questions and more about young people and sex. We will also explore an initiative by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) & Nailab, dubbed iAccelerator, that wants to invest in business solutions by young people that are focused on promoting youth sexual reproductive health and rights.

Join us via the hashtag #HapaChat to follow the conversation.

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The Twitter chat will feature:

1. Mwende Ngao – @MwendeSusu

Mwende is a creative entrepreneur who dabbles in film, fiction and poetry. She is the co-founder of Matotoya Films and the founder of Kike Tele, a women empowerment platform.

2. Magunga Williams – @TheMagunga

Magunga began his wildly successful blog while still in university. Now 25 years old and living off of his writing, he also owns one of Kenya’s biggest online bookstores that curates, sells and promotes African literature.

3. Kigen Korir – @kigenkorir

Kigen is a Programme Officer at UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).