Can we just agree that there is a high that comes from living in Nairobi? It is the buzz of everyone rushing everywhere and dreams that have been realized in this city. As we go about our business we get used to the beauty of this city. A group of photographers are however quick to remind us of the small things that make Nairobi stand out.

Through a time-lapse portrait, they have captured Nairobi’s exquisite sunset, rooftops of some buildings in the CBD and they actually managed to make traffic look good. It took more than 45,000 photos, countless hours in shooting and editing and some great passion to make this project possible. The video shows a city that has defiantly stood out in the wake of chaos, corruption and other vices. It is refreshing to see Nairobi in new light. You will be reminded of why Nairobi is the city in the sun and still is one of the beautiful cities in the world. One can tell that there was inspiration from the opening theme of the Netflix Show House of Cards but the Nairobi one is way better hands down. This is one of the best expressions of art I have seen to date. Good job to the team.

Nairobi- A Timelapse Portrait from xixo collective on Vimeo.