Tusker Malt

Tusker malt fans, heads up! Kenya Breweries Limited has unveiled a new look for its premium brand Tusker Malt Lager. The new Tusker Malt pack fuses new contemporary and exquisite label elements, designed to aesthetically appeal with its premium gold and green signature.

According to KBL Managing Director Jane Karuku, the new look is a way of redefining Tusker’s commitment to the quality promise of the brand and offering the best grain to glass experience for our premium consumers. Tusker malt is a 100% malt beer that has been in the market for around 20 years.

As part of the unveiling, the brand also rolled out a new campaign dubbed “The Taste of Legends”, set to celebrate legendary achievements by Kenyans have trail-blazed in various spheres of their lives. The TV commercial features legendary award-winning African journalist, Jeff Koinange.

Guests at the Tusker Malt Launch