Win tickets to Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015 with Jonathan Butler

Jonathan Butler
Jonathan Butler

The Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015 with Jonathan Butler is on Sunday, 22nd February 2015 at the Ngong Racecourse. Indoor Arena.

[Read: The Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015 with Jonathan Butler]

For a chance to win free regular tickets to the Safaricom Jazz Festival tell us why you are looking forward to this year’s Jazz Festival and what you think of this year’s headline artist i.e. Jonathan Butler. 4 people with the most creative answers will win a ticket each.

Note: Remember to leave a valid email address when commenting as the winners will be contacted through it.

The Rules

1. This competition is restricted to people residing in Kenya.
2. Comments will be closed on Thursday 19th February 2015 at midnight.
3. The winner will be announced on Friday 20 February 2015 at 10.00am.

  1. Simple … i would say its because of the awesome sound that safaricom hires in for the event , the vigourous marketing adopted, the fun , the socialization , the pictures to be posted on instagram … the smooth voice ,perfect high and low pitch of the main act the man Jonathan Butler … but i will say because its Music the language of the heart

  2. Its 3 years since i last attended the Safaricom Jazz, that is when Hugh Masekela blew his the melodious trumpet at Ngong race course, it was a sunny afternoon and the back up given Sauti Sol made an eventful day for me. This coming Sunday i hope it will be a repeat if not better than my first experience. Am looking forward for a time of Jazz as Butler takes the center to entertain the Jazz lovers.

  3. Safaricom has a way that the logistical part and event organising they score almost 100% and in consideration of reaching and promoting talent especially musical of every genre. Jazz festival is my best and this year the inclusion of Jonathan Butler Ooh mine am so much want to be there. i would like to listen to the acoustic guiter as he plays and more so his new 2014 album living my dream. one of my dreams is to listen to him. make it happen.

  4. Because..

    How many clarinetists does it take to change a light bulb?

    Only one, but he’ll go through a whole box of bulbs before he finds just the right one.

    Lol, this just shows how Jazz music is perfected art, only released to the public when the perfect tune is found to make an experience, not just a memory!
    I cannot wait to be part of the Jazz experience this Sunday

  5. Jazz is not just any music genre. It represents calmness. The kind of calmness you would get when you lie in the beach with a cold drink by your side. Jazz evokes some exquisite emotion and its probably the only kind of music you pay attention to while enjoying it. These are the main reasons that jazz up my desire to attend The Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015. And the headlining jazz’per – Jonathan Butler – Oh! They dont come better than this guy. His music leaves you satisfied and his demeanor is humbling. Most jazzists like myself have a special spot for Jonathan in our hearts. See you there!!

  6. Because jazz is me n am jazz since i was opened eyes to the world of music in my childhood,
    and Jonathan Butler has been my best jazz artist ,love his hits like ‘Baby please dont take it’ still shining since1986.

  7. Music is healing to the soul. When I heard Jonathan was coming to Kenya, I hit Google and listened to Playlist after playlist speak to my soul. So I want the ticket not to just listen to Jazz, but to experience Jazz. Thanks in advance 😀

  8. I really want 2 tickets. I want my husband to feel the heat that start in my belly and my heart every time am jazzed. I need to convert this guy and who better to do that than Jonathan. Please give me the ticket and leave the converting from reggae to jazz to me.

  9. Jazz music in itself is a combination of all styles/genre of music,it involves improvisation,polyrhythms,sycopation and alot of harmony all originating from different worlds..just like Louis Amstrong one of the most famous musicians in jazz, made this observation on the history of the music, “At one time they were calling it levee camp music, then in my day it was ragtime. When I got up North I commenced to hear about jazz, Chicago style, Dixieland, swing. All refinements of what we played in New Orleans… There ain’t nothing new”..i just want to sit down with my wife and Jazz it on

  10. Serenity amidst the chaos that has been my life for the past month is one of the reasons reason I look forward to this years Safaricom Jazz festival with the maestro Jonathan Butler.

    I eagerly anticipate being witness to the atmosphere that the perfomers will set. Being a recent convert of Jazz, I have listened to some of Jonathan’s tunes, which have become my favorites in 5 of his albums.

    I can confidently say that being in that audience will be like Living My Dream; it will be a Brand New Day (experience) in the Story of (my) Life, being in the arena Head to Head (more of face to face) with The Butler. It will be like someone saying “Merry Christmas to you” this early.

  11. Jazz is life; Jazz music rejuvenates the soul; Jazz music is warm to the mind all these are just some of the awesome experiences I want to go have at the Safaricom Jazz Festival. Being a jazz enthusiast I want to go and get a feel of what our very own Swahili Jazz Band can do since I want to keep the jazz fire burning even after the festival. This will only be possible by supporting our local talent like the Swahili Jazz band.
    Jonathan Butler has been an inspiration to me. His songs, not only flourish the mind but also feels one with hope. I have only been listening to him on audio and watching him on video but now that he will be live in Kenya, I would not like to miss the opportunity to enjoy his music live. Grant me this honor to go share the awesomeness of Jonathan Butler and others at the festival

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