While traversing the interwebs, I ran into a beer called “The Kenyan“. “The Kenyan” is the third coffee beer collaboration between two companies, Old Soul and Ruhstaller. It is a California ale brewed with award winning beans from the famed farmers of the Rung’eto Co-op in the town of Embu.

The Rung’eto Co-op owns and operates three processing stations on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Farmers in Rung’eto planted their first coffee trees in I953.  The Co-op has 3 wet mills: Kii, Karimikui and Kiangoi.

The beans used to make up the base of the brew were selected from a group of farmers within the co-op who are considered the “best of the best” and whose small farms average  1,800 meters in elevation. The subsequent brew was a limited release, produced in a custom 22oz bottle, at 230 cases produced.

 About Old Soul Co.

Founded in 2006 by Tim Jordan and Jason Griest, Old Soul Co. started out as a wholesale only coffee roasting and baking company in an obscure alley in Midtown Sacramento. The mission then was the same as it is now: Celebrate the artisan aspects of coffee roasting and bread baking. Through this simple vision and with immense contributions from employees, coffee farming partners, and the Sacramento community, Old Soul Co. has four retail locations and select wholesale and catering partners throughout Northern California.

About Ruhstaller

Ruhstaller was originally founded in Sacramento in 1881 by Captain Frank Ruhstaller, California’s premier pioneer brewer. Today Ruhstaller honors the Captain’s legacy by partnering with local hop and barley farmers to grow the finest ingredients for its California Grown beers. Year-round selections include Gilt Edge California Golden Lager, 1881 California Red Ale and CAPT California Black IPA. Ruhstaller farms 2.5 acres of California hops at the new Ruhstaller Farm & Yard located west of Sacramento and was recently named as one of the 10 Great American Farmhouse Breweries by Bon Appétit Magazine.

(information via beerpulse)