Social media has become one of the most active platforms for communication and networking in Kenya. Kenya in turn has one of the most active online populations on the planet with users increasing in number every day. Majority of the Kenyans online use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube.

Social media platforms in Kenya have gained different uses other than just allowing one to grow their network. Social media has become a tool for people to sell their services and products online, discussion forums have been built on these platforms, mobilize crowds for blood drives, disaster management and many more uses.

For brands in Kenya, social media is increasingly becoming a vital tool of communication between the brands and their customer base. Brands are investing heavily in social media teams and digital firms to properly unlock the potential of social media platforms. With the increase in users of the platform comes the increase in reach the brands can have.

Social media platforms are used by brands as a way to market themselves and their products (soft sell). Brands also get to use the platforms for customer service inquiries and a way to collect data for customer profiles or on what people are saying about their brands. Social media has been used for crisis management when things go wrong and even as a platform for recruiting new employees.

1. Facebook

There are no official figures but the guesstimate for Kenya’s Facebook users is over 4 million. According to statistics on Social Bakers, majority of these users age between 18-24 and 25-34 years with 64% of them being male and 36% female. The biggest brands on the platforms include Safaricom, OLX Kenya, Airtel, Durex, Samsung Kenya and Equity.

2. Twitter

Twitter users in Kenya are on the rise at exponential rates. Kenya has an estimated 700,000+ monthy active users and meaning between 1.4-2.1 million if you count the fact that 2 to 3 times the monthly active users do not login. (Source:

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn users in Kenya are estimated to be close to 1 million with the country ranking 47th globally on Social Bakers.