GMEAs Rita Kavashe hands over the keys to Peter Muthoka at the GMEA premises

General Motors East Africa (GMEA) has handed over a fleet of 10 Isuzu EXZ prime movers and trailers to logistics firm, Acceler Global Logistics (Acceler) making this the largest one time sale for the Company, to date. Acceler augmented its fleet with approximately Ksh.120million purchase of Isuzu EXZ trucks.

“This investment by Acceler is a demonstration of the growth of the commercial sector in the region. It also portrays the increased penetration of the Isuzu EXZ in the truck segment; a truck we introduced to the market in late 2013,” said GMEA Managing Director Rita Kavashe.

The acquisition comes against the backdrop of registered growth by the auto firm that rose by 30% as at August 2014, largely contributed by developed infrastructure projects and increased logistics business. Of the 1,454 units sold in the industry in August 2014, GMEA took the lead share, selling 426 units.

Peter Muthoka, Chairman & CEO of, Acceler Global Logistics noted that over the years, the firm has had good business relationship with GMEA with an expectation to sustain the partnership.

“We are indeed open to other engagements with GMEA as we continue to work together to expand our businesses and ultimately build the region’s economy,” Muthoka said.

Our customers are our compass, our decision making starts and ends with our customers,’’ concluded Kavashe. GMEA will continue to provide the best to our valued customers and provide solutions to their growing needs in the transport arena.