June is the month of fathers. It’s that month where you put every effort into the man who raised and moulded you into the person you are today. This year, Father’s day falls on June !5 (tomorrow). While some people already got their father’s gifts, others are confused about what to get.

We have you in mind and here is a list we compiled to give you ideas on what to get for your dad on Father’s day.

His favorite drink

You can never go wrong with alcohol (provided your, father drinks). There are a million choices to pick from but his favourite drink is bound to earn you points. If you can come up with enough cash, you might even be able to have them engrave a message on the bottle. Get going and buy that drink so he can enjoy a chilled out night enjoying the flavours of the drink.


Sometimes men need a night out to enjoy dinner. It would be good to make it a night out to bond and reconnect with him. Splurge on him and take him to an all you can eat restaurant. Let him enjoy ribs and beer if that is his poison. Or it could be dinner to that fine cuisine restaurant he has been talking about for months. I’m sure there is one place he is dying to sample food from. Treat him to that.

Holiday treat

This might be tricky given the time-limit. But you can pick a destination a few hours away and have him get-away from all the stress of work for the weekend. Make it a place he can just go, relax and not lift a finger for the time he is there.

Spa treatment

Yes. Even men can do with some spa treatment. Who wouldn’t want an afternoon of massages and just being pampered? Your dad will appreciate having the tension massaged out of his shoulders. If he happens to be into manicures and pedicures, you could also have that in the package.

Club membership

It could be a golf club, a chess club or simply an exclusive club membership where you go hang out and have drinks. Find out what club he wants to be a part of, and offer to pay the membership fee for him. He will forever be grateful if you could pull it off.

Pay TV subscription

World Cup season is here. So why not offer to pay for the pay tv subscription for like a month or 2? It could be GOtv, Startimes, Zuku or Dstv. Whatever the case, make it such that he has unlimited access to all sport channels during the World Cup. You could even bump up the bouquet he currently has or chip in and get a PVR decoder so he can record all those special moments of the games.

LaZ-Boy sofas

So he has access to sport channels. But watching the game isn’t complete without the perfect chair; a LaZ-Boy sofa. They come in different colours and you can even get one that has cup holders. Make his world cup experience something he will remember and talk about for the next four years.

We here at Hapa Kenya wish all Fathers a happy father’s day and we hope this gift ideas will make the day even more special. See more ideas here.