The Social House Nairobi hosted a Fathers’ Day dinner and whisky tasting in partnership with the Macallan single malt whisky. The dinner was held on Saturday 17 June and started at 6 pm.

The dinner-cum-whisky tasting was held at the Copper, one of four restaurants at the Social House tucked in its own quaint corner on the ground floor.

Attendees were drawn from a competition on Twitter which required sharing a cherished memory involving a father or a father figure.

The contest also had prospective attendees answer questions on menu items from the Social House restaurants, as well as create and name a whisky cocktail.

Apart from the dinner being a celebration of fathers, it also paid homage to the history of the Macallan single malt whisky with its uniquely shaped bottles. The bottles draw inspiration from design elements of its distillery in Craigellachie, Moray, Scotland.

The triangular shape of the vents above the stills at the distillery can be seen on the bottle as branding of Macallan’s line of whiskeys.

Copper – The Urban Grill

The dinner was also a nod to the Social House’s departure from the norm of exclusivity in hospitality. The dinner was a testament to Social House being a melting pot of different personalities coming together to enjoy a new experience with good food and a great ambience.

The rustic restaurant with its high ceiling, booth seats, wine cellar and open grill kitchen complete with ambient lighting was a perfect venue to celebrate fathers. The sumptuous food on offer included grilled lamb and pan-seared salmon paired well with different aged Macallan whiskies availed to the attendees with their meals.

To cap the evening, an attendee of the dinner got the opportunity to open a 2021 rare cask bottle of whisky that paired well with the chocolate cake dessert which highlighted the chocolatey and fruity notes in the whisky. A bottle of the rare cask retails at Ksh68,000.

The Social House’s Communications and Marketing manager Wambui Mwangi said the event is the first in a series of many aimed at celebrating the diversity of people who walk through the hotel’s doors.